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  • Amnistía Internacional
  • Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
  • Sacyr
  • Ayuntamiento de Madrid
  • Adigital
  • City of Vienna
  • Ferrovial

Launch a telematic voting website effortlessly

Create your online voting website in seconds. Our team of professionals takes care of everything to make your events a success. We support you in the drafting of the call and in the preparation of the census, we customize the platform with your logo and colors, moderate your telematic assembly, provide support to your voters and sign off the results.

Bespoke website
Custom logo, colors, images and user profiles. From any device and without any downloads
We support your team from the initial call to the presentation of results. Combine on and offline voting.
Personal data protection
Authorized legal contracts and maximum security standards. Comply with the electronic identification regulations in Europe and the USA.

Everything you need to organise legally binding online polls

Avoid disputes with a technology that gives you all the guarantees. Our team has years of experience with all types of organisations and processes. Shareholders’ meetings, assemblies, approval of accounts, ratification of boards of directors for sports clubs, union elections and professional associations, property owners’ associations, cooperatives, etc.

Voting systems
Secret, anonymous and free vote, proxy vote with and without voting instructions, dynamic weightings and quorum control.
Census manager
Manage your voters with different voting rights, manual and automatic filters, mass calls and more.
Secure and legal
Complies with the National Security Scheme. Generate legal acts with a qualified time stamp of a Trust Service Provider.

Easily understand your data in order to make better decisions

Handle large amounts of information in a simple way. Generate results legally valid acts instantly. Save time and effort when organising events and evaluating the results of your polls. Take care of the health of your voters and the environment. Avoid unnecessary travels and emissions.

Automatic count
Generate results reports with legal validity instantly. Issue time-stamped voting certificates for your voters.
Monitor participation statistics in real time, and segment your results.
Export documents
Export reports in Excel and PDF. Or even connect to our API to extract the raw data.

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Corporations, Governments and Organisations in six countries trust us

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Electronic Voting and Educating Cities Throughout Lockdowns

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A custom solution for every client

Choose the technology that best suits your needs


Citizen engagement tools for governments

Electronic voting

Electronic voting with legal validity for all types of organizations

Digital ID

eIDAS Regulation compliant simple and advanced electronic signature

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