Electronic voting

Electronic voting with legal validity

Large public and private organizations already trust us to manage their remote assemblies

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Launch your corporate website

Create a custom website with your logo and colors in less than a minute. Our consultants take care of everything to make the implementation a success.

Open online consultations

Divide your contacts into clusters with different voting permissions. Verify their identity and let them cast legally binding votes.

Evaluate results and generate reports

Download the poll results in Excel or PDF. Generates signed minutes with legal validity for their registration.

Everything you need to run telematic voting events with legal validity

Create a voter register and manage the delegated vote. Guarantee the identity of the participants with a two-factor authentication that complies with the Technical Security Specifications of the European Electronic Identification Regulation.

Email blasts to inform voters about the conditions of the process.
Integrate the streaming broadcast of the meeting on the voting platform.
Generate reports, voting records and advanced electronic signature certificates.

Easily understand your data in order to make better decisions

Manage big amounts of information easily. Save time and effort while evaluating your open innovation and participatory processes.

Revise participation statistics in an intuitive way.
Contact management
Segment your audiences and automatically classify your contacts.
Export documents
Export Excel and pdf reports or connect with our API to extract more data.

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Help desk

Nacho Santillana

Nacho Santillana

IT Director

Talent, predisposition and dedication. What else can you ask of a company that provides you, in an agile and easy way, with a service that you need during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bertram Häupler

Public servant

Our voting platform was ready in no time and the team of Kuorum was always there to solve our doubts about the participatory process.
diego rocha

Diego Rocha

Innovation Director

Our experience with Kuorum was outstanding. They understood our needs very quickly and we learned a lot from them.

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