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Launch your e-voting website

Create a personalized website with your logo and colors. Our consultants will guide you at all times and train your team.

Upload your census

Manage your members in a simple way. Segment your voters by sector or by region and allow them to delegate the vote.

Generate reports

Generates results records with legal validity. Send reminders only to those referees who have not yet voted.

Everything you need to hold online voting on a single platform

Professional associations are complex organizations whose management requires a lot of effort. The technology that supports their assemblies and elections must provide the maximum legal guarantees. But it must also offer an excellent user experience; easy to use for referees of all ages and conditions. At Kuorum we have been digitizing the votes of professional associations for years with a technology audited annually by AENOR in ISO27001 on Information Security.

Census manager
Segment your voters by region or sector and assign them different voting permissions.
Proxy vote
Allows proxy voting with or without voting instructions.
Calculation of quorum
Calculate the quorum of your assembly in real time and let only those present vote.

Easily understand your data in order to make better decisions

Manage big amounts of information easily. Save time and effort while evaluating your open innovation and participatory processes.

Revise participation statistics in an intuitive way.
Contact management
Segment your audiences and automatically classify your contacts.
Export documents
Export Excel and pdf reports or connect with our API to extract more data.

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Jaime Lapaz

Board member

Kuorum allows us to provide the guarantee and security that we need for the electoral processes of the Sabadell Bar Association.

Juan Francisco

IT Director

We implemented the system during the pandemic and have already held two shareholder meetings with Kuorum.

Anna Carbonell

HR Manager

We achieved a level of participation of almost 100%, something that had never happened before.
Diego Rocha

Diego Rocha

Innovation Director

Our experience with Kuorum was excellent. They understood our needs very quickly and we learned a lot from them.

Álvaro Ruiz


All our shareholders highlighted the agility and ease of use of the tool. For us, the security of the system was also very important.

Thai Jungpanich


The Kuorum team helped us better understand our technological product. Thanks to them we reduced the workload of our team.


Estate administrator

Kuorum allows me to easily manage different farms from a single platform.


Community President

With Kuorum there are no longer any conflicts over voting times, we neighbors agree comfortably from our homes.
Nacho Santillana

Nacho Santillana

IT Director

Talent, predisposition and dedication. What more can you ask for from a company that provides, in an agile and easy way, an essential service in the framework of Covid-19.

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