Create a participation website and involve your donors and beneficiaries in decision making processes

Organizations that open to participation achieve greater impact

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Launch your participation website

Create a custom website with your logo and colors. Our consultants will guide you every step of the way and will train your team.

Involve your donors and beneficiaries

Easily manage your contacts. Turn them into your users and launch innovation challenges, brainstormings, surveys and much more.

Evaluate results and generate reports

Generate automatic reports. You will be able to inform your donors and beneficiaries about the evolution of your participatory processes.

Everything you need to open to participation in one platform

Forget about inconvenient forms and improvised websites. Centralize all your users in one contact management board. And validate and activate them easily.

Debates, brainstormings, surveys, polls and petitions.
Posts, events with ticketing and mass mailing.
Participatory budgets
Manage all the phases of your open budget in a simple table.

Easily understand your data in order to make better decisions

Manage big amounts of information easily. Save time and effort while evaluating your open innovation and participatory processes.

Revise participation statistics in an intuitive way.
Contact management
Segment your audiences and automatically classify your contacts.
Export documents
Export Excel and pdf reports or connect with our API to extract more data.

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Help desk

Thai Jungpanich


The team of Kuorum helped us to better understand our technology service. Thanks to them we reduced the workload of our team.

Bertram Häupler

Public servant

Our citizen engagement website was ready in no time and the team of Kuorum was always there to solve our doubts about the participatory process.
diego rocha

Diego Rocha

Innovation Director

Our experience with Kuorum was outstanding. They understood our needs very quickly and we learned a lot from them.

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