5 reasons to implement electronic voting in your organization

5 reasons to implement electronic voting

The pandemic has accelerated digitization in all sectors. In some cases the experience has been traumatic. In others, on the other hand, it has been a real revelation after which many wonder: why didn’t we do things in this way before? This is undoubtedly the case for electronic voting.

Organizations of all kinds need to reach legally valid agreements once or several times a year. Large and small companies, cooperatives, associations, sports clubs or neighborhood communities. From union elections to the approval of the accounts of a professional associations. Decision-making has traditionally been based on tedious face-to-face events; in the best of cases, with the option of voting by postal mail.

However, electronic voting is a mature technology in widespread use. If you are one of the few who still resist to implement it in their organization, we bring you five arguments that will change your vision forever.

Telematic voting is secure and has legal validity

One of the biggest fears of those in charge of organizing assemblies and voting events in their organization is being challenged, the process by which a voter requests the invalidity of a decision opposing reasons that demonstrate that it is illegal. Preparing a poll takes a lot of effor. Imagine now that you have to do it twice.

However, the law includes voting online as a viable option for many organizations. And there is jurisprudence favorable to its use. In this other article we explain in more detail e-voting’s regulatory framework.

Electronic voting reduces the effort of preparing a poll

The best engineers are said to be those who are lazy by nature, because they automate any task before repeating it twice. Perhaps that is why telematic voting systems incorporate numerous features that make our life easier. Preparing a census, sending a call, writing a questionnaire or counting votes. A good e-voting app will allow you to do many of these tasks effortlessly.

Online voting optimizes the voter experience

“One man’s poison is another man’s meat”. And when your job involves organizing events, you know it very well. If you schedule voting during the week, your voters cannot attend because they are working. If you leave it for the weekend you are ruining their free time. If you book a room in the center there will be no place to park. But if you look for a hotel in the suburbs, you make them spend gas. Complaining is the national sport.

Online voting solves many of these problems. From anywhere on the planet with internet connection, be it with a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, your voters will be able to exercise their right in a few clicks, without having to travel or spend excessive time. And what about those who do not have digital skills or do not have an internet connection? At Kuorum we offer you a helpdesk phone number so that your voters can identify themselves and vote comfortably. And ultimately, you can always keep your face-to-face event in parallel.

By using digital voting we take care of health and the environment

By saving unnecessary trips, we are stopping emitting tons of CO2. There are certifications – such as ISO 50001 – that take these types of measures into account, helping to encourage responsible behavior in companies and organizations. In addition, giving the option of voting comfortably from a distance allows us to protect the health of the most vulnerable and improves the accessibility of voters with functional diversity.

Online voting means significant financial savings

Holding a face-to-face assembly can imply considerable costs. Event room booking, catering service, travel expenses, voter assitants, etc. A good electronic voting service will give you the option of subscribing turnkey projects so you don’t have to worry about anything. This way you can save time and money, and dedicate your efforts to the most important tasks.

At Kuorum we also offer annual flat rates. If you are thinking of taking the step, request a demo.