Cybersecurity for corporations – how to protect information

ciberseguridad para empresas

Cybersecurity for companies is becoming increasingly important in the global economy. Not only to ensure the general information of any company, regardless of its size, but also that of the clients and the employees themselves.

As a digital company we know that technology is an essential element for any organization. And we are aware that it must be used properly to avoid risks in information management.

At Kuorum, cybersecurity is at the core of all of our operations. In this post we bring you a summary of the essential cybersecurity prevention measures in a company, with which to prevent cyberattacks and create a culture of cybersecurity respected by the entire workforce.

Study your company’s data first to know what type of cybersecurity they need

The first step when working on cybersecurity for companies is to process all the data. This way you can classify them according to their sensitivity and the danger that their loss or theft may entail. In addition, knowing the related legislation itself will help you know how to treat and protect them depending on their sensitivity.

An example could be establishing which data is confidential, internal to the company, and which can be made public.

Thanks to this study you will know how to establish the correct cybersecurity measures in your business.

Define a Cybersecurity Policy for your company

As you already know what data you must secure and its sensitivity, it is time to create your own Cybersecurity Policy. This protocol should include such important issues as:

? Establish access control to information and external storage systems. In this way, it will be known which personnel can access what type of data and who removes material containing information from the facilities.
? System to create, manage and update passwords by all workers.
? Which applications may or may not be downloaded to company devices.
? Confidentiality contracts and be clear when they are necessary.

Having a good Cybersecurity Policy offers the company solid measures to prevent accidental data loss, such as getting rid of a computer that contained important information for a department.

When creating it, it assesses the economic cost, the cost in time and human resources used, and the cost of alternative options. In addition, alert your employees that it should also be applied when dealing with devices and tools for teleworking.

Allocate a budget item to business cybersecurity

In addition to information and business prestige, cyberattacks also put their own economic stability at risk. According to Incibe, a cyberattack could have an economic impact of up to 75,000 Euros on average.

For this reason, allocating a budget item every year to the company’s cybersecurity really has to be seen as an investment and not as an expense.

We refer to gestures as simple as buying extra storage space in which to make backup copies, having a secure cloud in which to store data, and updating software and computer applications, especially after periods of absence from work such as vacations.

As for antivirus, it is not only important to have them, but also that they are up to date. Remember that you can find free tools.

When contracting third-party software, always check that they are certified with guarantee seals. At Kuorum, for example, we comply with the Information Security Standard ISO27001, audited annually by AENOR.

Do not forget the physical cybersecurity measures in the company

In the section on physical measures we include the maintenance of the facilities themselves and the protection of information that is in another non-online format. Some examples are properly maintaining the server room to prevent fire risks, having an access control system to offices, locks in offices and cabinets with sensitive material, or keeping backup copies in a fireproof box.

Teach your staff how to protect company data

The training of all your employees is essential. In addition to knowing the Cybersecurity Policy of the company itself, it is very convenient that you know how to clearly distinguish a secure email from one from a phishing campaign, as well as how to use any external software that contains any type of information. Only in this way will you not compromise the security of your data.

At Kuorum, for example, every time our clients create their online voting platform, we offer them the technical assistance they need to learn how to manage information securely.

And of course, don’t forget to always be up to date on cybersecurity in order to inform all departments of any scams or cyberattacks that are taking place.

As you can see, the cybersecurity of the company does not only depend on the management team, but on every member of the staff that handles data. And for information, you don’t only have to think about computer equipment or servers, but also about your business data, your customers’ information, your employees’ data, confidential information, equipment, facilities…

Create your own culture of information security and protect your business, and the people who give it life.