The telematic assemblies of the General Council of Medical Associations

The General Council of Medical Associations represents the 52 schools throughout the country both at the state level and at European level, in those issues affecting professional practice and its ethical and ethical aspects.

Like all years, in 2020 they were preparing to hold their General Assembly, now more important than ever because of the level of responsibility that CGCOM have due to the growth of the pandemic. They were forced to seek an alternative to Conventional Assemblies that would be safer and even more efficient, so they chose to hold a completely digital telematic assembly.

Electronic voting as a security measure against COVID-19

It has been many years since electronic voting was implemented as a legal option when holding meetings and assemblies, but it has become one of the most secure and viable options for companies holding votes or assemblies due to the inability to meet in person this year. Here at Kuorum we take security incredibly seriously and implement two levels of authentication for each voter and provide secure and legally valid vote certificates. All this means that CGCOM protected their voters from COVID-19 whilst retain the same levels of security as they would have had pre-virus.

Implementation of the platform’s record time

Many companies have been forced to look for alternatives to face-to-face voting soon in advance. In these cases, it is doubtful whether or not it is even possible to organise an event as important as this General Assembly in a very short time. This is where Kuorum thrives. The platform was implemented in record time with all the usual maximum guarantees and the only thing the CGCOM had to do was send us the census of the participants in the vote.

Taking care of our voters

One of the doubts in such technological processes is the whether the voter will have incidents during the voting process. You won’t be able to exercise your right to vote then? What if you don’t have an internet? What if it is lost during the process? All these doubts were answered and resolved through our call centre, helping all voters who may have any difficulty or doubt during the vote. A few minutes after closing the vote, we sent CGCOM a report with the results of the process, attaching a file with the voting records and another with the added responses.

Our clients involve shareholders, employees, associates, school members and other actors involved in making decisions crucial to the advancement of their organisations. We take care of everything to make your events a success and focus on what’s really important. If you need support for the organisation of an assembly or a telematic meeting, contact us and we will analyse your specific case to offer you the best solution.