The Sabadell Lawyer Association combines online and face-to-face voting

The Sabadell Lawyer Association is a professional public law corporation founded in 1905. Last November, the school was due to hold their governing board elections with a census of 300 voters. We were in the middle of the pandemic, so it was impossible to meet in person. Mobility constraints and numerous other restrictions led the school to find a new way to organise them and at that moment, they asked Kuorum for help.

We advise and take care of all legal aspects to avoid challenges

After years of experience, Kuorum makes sure to carefully advise each client, offering the best solutions to each particular case and acting within the specific legal framework. In addition, we organise all the necessary meetings to solve doubts that may arise throughout the process, seeking the required demonstrations.

During the vote we are fully in sync with the Electoral Bureau and the interveners to monitor the evolution of the process. What’s more, from the administrator accounts of our platform, everyone involved in voting supervision can access the process information. They can also send reminders to all voters who have not yet exercised their right to vote and thus increase participation.

Voter Support

At Kuorum we offer the possibility to combine online voting with face-to-face voting. This was the case of the Sabadell Bar Association, where we coordinated our voting system with the census of the presidential tables, preventing the votes from being doubled. When choosing our premium service, immediate telephone support is also given to voters who experienced an issue. All this allowed for a very easy and dynamic process.

Fast, automatic and audit-able counting of votes

One of the advantages of telematic voting is automatic vote counting. Within a few minutes of closing the vote, a results record is generated that can be presented to a public records office. By choosing a telematic vote, the Sabadell Bar Association protected the health of its voters and those around them in an extremely difficult period of time.

Trade union elections are one of the processes in which we specialise in at Kuorum. If you want to take care of the health of your employees while offering them a comfortable, safe and transparent voting experience, contact us and we will advise your team without obligation.