The Royal Sailing Federation Holds its Virtual Ordinary General Meeting


The world of sports has been one of the most affected by the pandemic. Professional and amateur athletes, clubs, coaches, medical personnel and other groups have had to adapt to a new scenario with canceled events, difficulties to keep the rhythm of training and frequent regulatory changes. The organisation of association’s and federation’s assemblies have been no exception.

The Royal Sailing Federation is the entity that brings together regional federations and other entities related to the sport of sailing. The organisation’s board of directors approached Kuorum on the occasion of its ordinary general meeting which, after several postponements, was to be held before the end of the year in a context of confinement and mobility limitations.

Moving From Face-to-Face to Virtual

One of the first concerns of our clients is how to adjust the procedures of a telematic assembly to those established by law and to those contained in its statutes, which in many cases are designed for in-person assemblies and polls. At Kuorum, we have been organizing legally valid online polls for more than seven years for organizations of all kinds in seven countries and two continents. And so, our legal team advises the client to ensure that everything is done in accordance with the specific regulations that apply to each client.

The Importance Data Collection for a Census

Once the legal aspects have been solved, it is time to update the data of the registered members with voting rights. In order to comply with the European Regulation of Electronic Identification and achieve a substantial level of security according to its Technical Security Specifications, it is recommended to carry out a two-factor authentication process. This means that during the identification process voters must provide two pieces of information and not just one. In this case, the client opted for authentication based on the voter’s email and mobile phone. So that data had to be collected in the days previous to the assembly.

Our team supported the federation secretariat in the tasks of drafting legal texts for data collection. An online form was created from which members could update their data and attach the corresponding supporting documents. And once all the information had been verified, a definitive census was generated that included the natural and legal persons with the right to vote, as well as the delegated votes.

A Dynamic Telematic Assembly, Allowing Partner Participation

The assembly was carried out by videoconference. The participants were able to intervene in an orderly manner or through chat. And the vote was carried out during the Q&A section. Voters who experienced any type of incident were able to solve it through the helpdesk phone service that Kuorum provides. And once everyone present had voted, the poll was closed.

Secure, Anonymous, Private and Certified Online Vote

The count in telematic voting, unlike what happens in face-to-face voting, is instantaneous. Our clients can download a file with the provisional results right after closing the poll. And a few minutes later, Kuorum issues a signed act which is valid to be presented at any public registry office.

The experience was so positive that the client will use the system again for their next assemblies and even for their elections in the coming months. And they are not the only ones. Other sports entities such as the Skating Federation or the Real Murcia Football Club already trust us for their telematic boards and online polls. If you want to join them and offer your members a secure and simple voting experience, contact us and tell us about your specific case or request a demo.