Manchester co-creates regulation to end homelessness

In May 2017, Andy Burnham was elected to serve as the Mayor of Greater Manchester. Not wasting any time, in August 2017 Burnham launched the End Rough Sleeping by 2020 Plan – a campaign designed to engage the entire community of Greater Manchester in the search for solutions to end homelessness. However, due to the fact that Greater Manchester boasts a population of almost 3 million inhabitants, asking the citizens to work together as one posed a great challenge for Burnham. In order to coordinate ideas and proposals across such a large group of people, Burnham knew that using online communication methods would be the best way to collaborate. But with countless online participation services available today, Burnham was unsure of which platform would be best.

With the help of Kuorum, Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Mayor?s Office began to create a comprehensive strategy that would incentivize citizens to participate in the plan?s development. As a tool designed to help manage and increase participation, Kuorum gives clients access to easy-to-use features aimed at facilitating citizen engagement and collaboration. Surpassing the operations of just a website, Kuorum is software that functions as a service, providing important updates and new developments as client’s projects grow.

For Greater Manchester, this resulted in the implementation of participation initiatives in multiple different sectors. As part of Burnham?s approach, Kuorum helped coordinate training sessions for some of the county?s existing homeless organizations on how to successfully use Kuorum to engage the public. Furthermore, Kuorum?s contact management features such as email blasts and measures of user activity level can help ensure that the Greater Manchester Mayor?s Office will have a strong base of citizens to communicate with about Burnham?s initiative.

By not only taking action to end homelessness, but also taking clear steps to involve the public of Greater Manchester in the decision making process, Mayor Andy Burnham established himself as a strong proponent of citizen participation and dynamic community-building programs. Since Kuorum helps each client bring attention to the issues they care about, every customer can use Kuorum?s tools to create a reputation for themselves within their own community, company, or organization. Just three months into 2018, Burnham has already been able to raise nearly 100,000 pounds for his End Rough Sleeping by 2020 Plan, and will be remembered in Greater Manchester for his initiatives in the future.