Union elections at Whirlpool

Whirlpool is one of the largest appliance companies in the world, present in 70 different countries. They found themselves needing to organize a union election online for the first time. The electoral processes, especially in companies of the prestige of Whirlpool, are of vital importance to the smooth running of the company. At Kuorum we have been conducting this type of voting since 2013 and we specialize in union elections, which makes us the most experienced supplier in the market.

We advise the Electoral Board and Human Resources

Although electronic voting has been technically and legally viable for decades, it has only been in recent years that companies have begun to make the most of the digitization of these processes. The main reason for this change is the financial savings that online voting supposes. However, some of the agents involved may have doubts about the process: How is the anonymity of the vote ensured? How are possible incidents resolved? At Kuorum we advise both the unions, the Electoral Board and the Human Resources department until all doubts are resolved.

We take care of the legal aspects to avoid challenges

The legal aspect in a union election is of the utmost importance. For this reason, one of the most frequent doubts stem from an eventual challenge to the vote. The answer is clear: measures are followed to guarantee that the vote is secret, direct, personal and free in the same way as in a face-to-face vote. So the process respects all legal requirements.

Online voting in union elections can take place on a single day or over several days. And it is important to keep the Electoral Board and the auditors informed at all times about the evolution of the process. From the administrator accounts of our platforms, all the actors involved in the supervision of the elections can easily access information on the participation ratios.

Quick and easy voting

The user’s voting experience is very comfortable. Voters only need a device with internet access to vote in less than a minute. When the vote is opened, the voter receives a personalized link in their email that leads directly to the vote. Upon accessing, you receive an SMS with a unique code to guarantee your identity. Once entered you can answer the questions.

It is thanks to the ease of the process that companies see their participation rates in processes of this style increased. In the case of Whirlpool, participation was close to 100% and no incident had to be resolved.

Security of the information

The data collected in union elections is especially sensitive. For this reason, at Kuorum we are audited by AENOR in compliance with ISO 27001 on Information Security, an international standard that guarantees that we have an Information Security Management System based on continuous improvement. In this way we ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and traceability of our clients’ information.

Automatic and auditable counting

The count is one of the procedures in which telematic voting offers more advantages over face-to-face voting, since it is carried out automatically and without human intervention. Thus, a few seconds after voting closes, provisional results are obtained and, just a few minutes later, a valid results record to be presented at a public registry office.

Union elections are one of the processes we specialize in at Kuorum. If you want to take care of the health of your employees while offering them a comfortable, safe and transparent voting experience, contact us and we will advise your team.