The Union Elections of Atlántica

Atlántica is a London-based company, also found in North America, South America, Algeria, Spain and South Africa. Atlántica has and manages renewable and conventional energy assets, power transmission lines and water-related assets.

 The commitment to the electronic vote of Atlántica

The restrictions that the pandemic has brought have led many companies to have chosen different ways to move forward with their shareholder meetings and votes. In Atlántica they had to find a voting solution that would allow their employees to decide on internal issues. They opted for an online vote, replacing face-to-face and making sure they met health restrictions while protecting their employees.

In Spain electronic voting is a legally viable option, as set out in Royal Decree-Law 5/2021 and is an alternative to face-to-face voting. Atlántica entrusts Kuorum to conduct voting and ensure security in voter identification, data integrity and legal validity of the entire process.

Personalized service

Atlántica contracted a turnkey service, so they only had to take care of delivering the census to Kuorum after signing an access contract. Atlántica’s electronic voting platform was ready in a few minutes. Once the census was checked and uploaded, the vote and its corresponding newsletter summoning were prepared and just a few hours later, employees were able to vote.

Safe and legally valid vote

At Kuorum, we make sure that the process is safe and guarantee the legality of the vote. Atlántica is provided with a two-factor authentication system (email and SMS), which means that only those authorized to vote could do so with a substantial level of security in identification. In addition, Kuorum works with a trusted service provider who provides us with a qualified time stamp (a requirement of the European Electronic Identification Regulation). For each registered vote, an advanced electronic signature certificate is issued, which allows us to demonstrate the validity of the process in the event of a challenge. In this way, the voter is given a comfortable and safe voting experience.

Voting Day

Atlántica decided to delegate voting management to Kuorum, who made a technical support team available to them. The vote was a success, with an incidence rate below 1%.

At Kuorum we have years of experience holding such events; from the drafting of the call to the presentation of results. If you want to take care of the health of your voters while offering them an excellent, safe and transparent voting experience, contact us and we will advise your team without obligation.