The Remica Group General Shareholders’ Meeting

Remica Plc. is a company that has been dedicated to energy efficiency systems for 30 years. Currently, the Remica Group is one of the companies in the sector that invests the most in R&D, reaching half a million euros per year. And it has a staff of 400 employees, many of whom are also shareholders of the corporation.

The company’s board of directors showed a strong commitment to sustainability, the environment and the health of its shareholders and employees when it decided to replace its face-to-face shareholders? meetings with fully telematic ones. But such a change is not trivial for a public company, since technical, legal and cybersecurity requirements must be met to certify that shareholders and employees both exercise their rights with all the guarantees required. That is why they trusted Kuorum as a provider of electronic voting and telematic assembly technologies.

Call Models for Telematic Shareholders Meetings

One of the initial doubts that arises when organising a telematic shareholders’ meeting for the first time is what the legal texts for the call and the attendance and voting cards will be like. Our team has been organizing online voting events for clients in different countries for more than five years and has different call models that clients can adapt to any specific needs.

Launching a Hassle-Free Electronic Voting Platform

Kuorum’s premium service is a complete turnkey experience. All that the client needs to provide is the voters’ information, all the rest is taken care of by our team. We launch a customized e-voting platform with the client’s logo and colors, check the census in search of frequent errors and upload it to the platform, send the assembly announcement emails, provide helpdesk support to the voters solving 100% of the incidents, issue the voting certificates and, just a few seconds after the voting is closed, sends the results to the secretary so that they can present them in real time.

Secret and weighted online vote

It is especially critical to maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of votes. Therefore, we encrypt the voting certificates and guard them for five years, in compliance with the Electronic Signature Law. Besides, the votes of each shareholder are weighted according to the number of shares they own. A functionality that also serves to calculate the quorum of the session.

Our clients involve shareholders, employees, associates and other actors in making crucial decisions for the advancement of their organisations. And we take care of everything to make sure that their events are a success and they can focus on what is really important to them. If you need support for the organization of a telematic shareholders’ meeting, contact us and we will analyze your specific case to offer you the best solution.