Sacyr creates an increase in employee training rates

In late 2017, the multinational construction company Sacyr was facing a major problem surrounding their employees? use of Sacyr?s own training software, My Virtual Point (MVP). Though MVP was launched to more than 5,500 employees, less than a 1/3 of those employees were both accessing and finishing the training programs. Confronted with the reality of low employee participation and completion rates, Sacyr lacked the expertise in online employee engagement to improve these rates on their own and were unsure of how to address the problem at such a large scale.

Fortunately, with the support of Kuorum, Sacyr would soon be armed with the means to initiate a comprehensive participation increase strategy. Kuorum functions as a tool to help manage and increase participation through easy-to-use features such as forums, proposals, surveys, and event organization. By choosing Kuorum, Sacyr gained capacity to gather data surrounding employee usage of MVP.

With the help of Kuorum, Sacyr conducted several different research initiatives that helped them arrive at conclusions surrounding employee demographics, one of which was a survey of employees. The responses to this survey helped demonstrate to Sacyr which specific demographics within the company were using MVP the least.

However, not only did Kuorum help Sacyr see which groups of employees were not using MVP, but it also aided in Sacyr?s desire to understand why participation rates among these groups were low and, accordingly, how they could be improved. Since Kuorum allows each client to customize the content of their features to best fit their needs, its customers have the ability to ask employees specifically about the aspects they care about. For Sacyr, this culminated in quantifiable results that suggested which specific groups needed to targeted in order to greatly increase participation within the company.

In the end, Kuorum not only helped Sacyr learn how to boost participation with MVP, but also how to increase employee participation during future projects. Kuorum is able to provide consistency through the functionality of it?s features, but also diversity through the applicability of those features, meaning that no matter what sort of participation a client is seeking to manage and increase, Kuorum can give them the tools to successfully carry out their initiative.