Red Eléctrica’s union elections

Red Eléctrica Española is the first and only electricity distributor in Spain. Founded in 1985, it has expanded to become a business group listed on the IBEX35; it operates internationally and has more than 2,000 employees.

As is to be expected, a company of this size takes its union elections with great importance. The pandemic provided a large impediment to holding these elections with the maximum possible precautions.

Seizing opportunities in times of crisis

Far from considering postponing the elections, Red Eléctrica took advantage of the pandemic to modernise its electoral process and take the step towards digitization. For this reason they contacted Kuorum.

In Spain, Union elections are a legal process, required in order to guarantee the rights of workers, for this reason at Kuorum we implement systems that allow employees to exercise the right to vote personally, freely, secretly and directly, in accordance with the Law on Union Elections.

A simple and hassle-free process

The online voting process is simple. Employees only require a mobile phone and a device with an internet connection to be able to exercise their voting rights. In addition, Kuorum offers voters an on-demand telephone support service for resolving incidents. In this case, the incident rate was less than 0.003% and all were resolved instantly.

Red Eléctrica continues to enjoy the service and will be able to use it in other voting events. Union elections are one of the Kuorum’s specialties. If you want to take care of your employees wellbeing while offering them a comfortable, safe and transparent voting experience, contact us and we will be more than happy to advise you going forwards.