National media group gamifies user experience

With the appearance of social networks and the democratization of information, media has suffered a tough identity crisis. Reducing the audience?s passiveness and offering them a different experience is a difficult thing to do. But digital media still have a lot to say in the internet era.

Unidad Editorial is one of the most important media groups in Spanish language. Its economic newspaper Expansión is the most read in Spain. And its digital newspaper El Mundo is among the fifteenth most visited sited in the country.

During the elections of 2016, after four electoral processes took place in less than two years, it was very complicated for the media to capture the attention of readers of political content. Kuorum develops digital projects than help companies to increase the engagement and participation of their employees and customers but, what could we offer to the readers of a newspaper?

We decided to give readers the ability to generate data that creates new graphic content. People reading political news could simultaneously rate those presidential candidates appearing on those pieces of news. Thereby users had a gamified experience. The newspaper was not only informing them, it was asking them for their opinion. Furthermore, readers could see the results of their ratings in real time. And there was historical data as well.

We added graphs with the moving average of ratings, so that readers could identify trends and see how specific pieces of news were affecting the perception people had about different politicians. But things didn’t stop there. We told readers to visit the digital edition of the newspaper during the presidential debate on TV. That hybrid experience did not only retain visits to our client’s site but also served to generate new information that attracted more readers. Finally, rating graphs were the basis for new pieces of news.

Thanks to this experience, Kuorum has continued developing technolgy for digital media. If you want to know more about our widgets please don’t hesitate to read our information for the press or contact us.