Digitalising the Shareholders’ Meetings of Professional Football Clubs

With more than 100 years of history, the Real Murcia Football Club is the most important team in the Region of Murcia (Spain). It has played several seasons in the Spanish first division (LaLiga) and has accumulated over 33,000 shareholders since the 2018 the social movement #SOSRealMurcia, which saw the fans rally to save the club that was at that point in dire financial straits.

Given the ongoing global pandemic, and also taking into account the geographical dispersion of its shareholders around the world, Real Murcia decided to carry out a 100% telematic shareholders’ meeting using Kuorum as means to vote on subject matters.

Drafting of Calls for Telematic Meetings

Electronic voting at shareholders’ meetings of sports clubs is a completely legal procedure, and is seeing widespread adoption across many different sectors. However, each case must be adapted to conform to the provisions of each club’s individual bylaws. Real Murcia’s board contacted Kuorum in the weeks leading up to the drafting of their shareholders? meeting call, which allowed us to support them in this regard.

In this particular case, the bylaws required us to allow the editing of the wording of each question that were put to vote until the last moment. It was also necessary to present the voting results in real time, as the results of certain questions lead to the wording of following questions. All of this was made possible by our easy-to-use voting editor.

Preparation of the Digital Census

Once the call was launched, we then had to collect the personal data of the shareholders present who held the right to vote, as well as establishing who had been delegated votes and therefore needed their ballot weighted accordingly. We support our clients through this especially sensitive phase. Data protection regulations must be upheld and protocols must be followed to make sure that the technology is applied in a way that guarantees the highest levels of cybersecurity. Kuorum complies with the National Security Scheme and undergoes frequent data protection audits so that voters can exercise their rights with absolute trust.

A Challenge-Proof e-Voting Service

The biggest concern for first-time e-voting customers is often unwanted challenges to the result of the proceedings. Kuorum uses a time stamp of a Trust Service Provider, a requirement of the European Regulation of Electronic Identification to provide this type of service. For each vote registered on our client’s platform, an advanced electronic signature certificate is issued which allows every vote to be accounted for if ever a challenge to the result was to be raised. These certificates are kept encrypted for five years, in compliance with Electronic Signature Laws.

Electronic voting certificates are admissible for trial as documentary evidence, and shareholders receive their certificates in their email to confirm that the vote has been correctly registered. In this way, challenges regarding the means of voting are avoided and the shareholder is given a comfortable and safe voting experience.

The day of the Telematic Shareholders’ Meeting

Being a sports company forged from the activism of its fans, Real Murcia maintains a high commitment to the participation of its shareholders in the supervision of the board of directors, as well as in making crucial decisions for the club. Its shareholders know this and that is why they expect the highest quality of service in an event like these. For this reason, the client chose to delegate to Kuorum both the moderation of the videoconference and the voter helpdesk service. Allowing the Board of Directors to focus on what really matters, the content of the meeting and the debate with its shareholders.

The Future is Mixed Meetings, on and Offline

In the future, Real Murcia intends to give its shareholders the flexibility to attend their meetings in person or online. Something very simple when correctly wielding a robust and secure electronic voting solution.

At Kuorum we have been organizing comprehensive telematic shareholder meetings for years, from the drafting of the call to the presentation of results. If you want to take care of your shareholders by offering them a secure and transparent voting experience, contact us and we will advise your team.