Handbook for new community engagement councillors

Being a councilor is, in many ways, like having children. It demands a great sacrifice, and nobody prepares you for it. If you are responsible for the area of ??citizen engagement, you must also add the misunderstanding of colleagues and opposition. In the last seven years we have dedicated ourselves to improving the functioning of citizen engagement departments of local and regional governments in six countries. And although it is true that in every project we learn something new, we can also say that there are many patterns of errors that repeat consistently with independence of the country or the size of the municipality. In this work we have compiled some of these errors and the strategies we applied to solve them.

This document does not aim to be a scientific study, although we would have liked to have the resources to do a more thorough investigation. But it can be read as a handbook or logbook; since it is a living text, we are updating with each new experience. We hope your reading is pleasant and that you draw at least one or two useful conclusions. Download the manual by clicking on the following button: